Virtual Workshops in April and May 2021 >>>> Best Practice in CV Writing. Tuesday 20th April 10.00-12.30pm >>> Starting Your Own Business. Tuesday 27th April 10.00-3.00pm >>> Job Search Techniques. Wednesday, 28th April 10.00-12.30pm >>> Networking and Self Promotion. Wednesday 5th May 10.00-4.00pm >>> Interview Skills. Wednesday 12th May 10.00-12.30pm >>> Working as a Freelancer. Wednesday 18th May 10.00-3.00pm >>> LinkedIn for Effective Job Searching. Monday 24th May 10.00-12.30pm >>>

Founded in 1970, CEPEC was one of the UK’s first outplacement providers. By 1999 it had broadened its services and was acquired and integrated into an international HR consulting group, successfully providing outplacement and other career management services to organisations nationwide. CEPEC was reformed in 2006, as an independent company, with the objective of deploying all its knowledge and experience in the service of its many client organisations.

We understand that organisations must embrace change and evolve to stay ahead. People remain their greatest asset. Firstly, in order to remain an asset, people need help in managing their careers; secondly, they need coaching to perform up to and beyond their own expectations. Thirdly, when businesses merge and restructure, the organisation may need to downsize the number of established posts.

Cepec partners with client-organizations to provide solutions to all three issues. We ensure that industry best-practice is followed and that we provide the HR community with expert advice throughout the project.