September and October Workshops 2019 >>>> Best Practice in CV Writing. Wednesday, 5th September 10.00-1.00pm >>> Networking and Self Promotion. Tuesday, 17th September 10.00-4.00pm >>> Job Search Techniques. Wednesday, 18th September 10.00-1.00pm >>> Starting Your Own Business. Thursday 19th September 10.00-4.00pm >>> Interview Skills and Techniques. Wednesday 25th September 10.00-1.00pm >>> Consultancy Skills. Thursday 3rd October 10.00am-4.00pm >>> Using LinkedIn for Effective Job Searching. Monday, 7th October 1.00-5.00pm >>>

As career management consultants we help people decide what they want from their future, and how to achieve it. Providing informed career direction, enabling self-assessment, helping people to navigate towards the objective and working with them to perform to the best of their ability are vital components of an organisation’s strategy for people asset-management.

Our range of services is designed to meet the three needs which most concern our client companies: