Virtual Workshops in June and July 2021 >>>> Best Practice in CV Writing. Tuesday 8th June 10.00-12.30pm >>> Networking and Self Promotion. Wednesday 16th June 10.00-4.00pm >>> Starting Your Own Business. Monday 21st June 10.00-3.00pm >>> Job Search Techniques. Wednesday 23rd June 10.00-12.30pm >>> LinkedIn for Effective Job Searching. Monday 28th June 10.00-12.30pm >>> Interview Skills. Wednesday 30th June 10.00-12.30 >>>>>> Networking and Self Promotion. Thursday 15th July 10.00-4.00pm >>>>> Starting Your Own Business. Friday 16th July 10.00-3.00pm >>>>>>> Working as a Freelancer. Date to be Announced >>>

Networking – Can technology help?

There is no doubt that online networking sites and online bulletin boards are becoming new marketplaces in the search for jobs. However, that does not mean you should dispense with the hard work of creating a brilliant CV. Even in a world driven by the power of technology, make sure your CV is working hard for you; the CV still remains the first port of call upon which employers will judge you and your career suitability. FIND OUT MORE.  

Determining the Career Objective:

One of the rules of good career management is to always have a career objective out there in front of you. As professional consultants in outplacement are career management, we know that people need to take responsibility and develop a mid-term career objective. Taking responsibility for making decisions about career moves, both inside and outside your present organisation, is a smart thing to do and, frankly, it’s essential. FIND OUT MORE.

Finding Yourself:

We are helping individuals to make fresh career decisions and reposition themselves, every day.  Many have been successful and so could you. Sometimes changing your job does not have to mean changing the firm or the industry.  Might it be that you are in the right industry but the wrong department?  What would you have to do to get where you would like to be?  Be brave. FIND OUT MORE.

Why Would Anybody Hire Me?

If you can’t identify what you’re good at, how can you sell yourself to a company?  Based on many studies, reports and practical knowledge of career management and outplacement, we know that organizations look for three things when they hire someone:

1. Business and technical skills.

2. Market knowledge and experience based on specific situations.

3. Personality traits that fit the culture of their organisation. FIND OUT MORE  

Difficult Times:

With the financial markets in disarray and the effects of the shift in that influential industry as yet unknown for the rest of the market place, is there anything of comfort for workers? Yes there is.  We can use the experience of our past, combined with the knowledge of ourselves, and prepare as best as possible for any eventuality.  We can, in other words, be practical. FIND OUT MORE

The Ten Commandments of Career Management:

Successfully utilising your CV is the first, most important step to career management. We have compiled a list of the top ten suggestions to help you take control and enjoy a satisfying and fruitful career. FIND OUT MORE