As Career Management and Outplacement consultants, we find that friends and people we meet will talk about their job and then ask:

“What IS Career Management? Surely all I have to do is make sure my most recent job is in the CV!”

Many books have been written on the subject and some have become international best-sellers. We all have our own view, but here are ten ways which I suggest will help people to take control and enjoy a satisfying and fruitful career:

1. Complete a structured Career Assessment once or twice a year. Find a mentor to discuss the issues and challenge your deductions.

2. Develop a strategic Career Objective, maybe looking five years out. Keep it in mind and continuously have a “next job” aiming point.
3. Rewrite your CV at least once a year. Update your CV Profile to reflect your “next job” aiming point. Refer back to your most recent Career Assessment and add in the new Business Achievements and any job changes.
4. Become and remain well briefed about your profession, your market sector and your customers. Maintain up-to-date files on products, people and statistics. Attend conferences and seminars, which will keep you informed and add to your network.
5. Build extensive Networks which include colleagues, competitors, customers, media people and individuals who come from as many other market sectors as you can penetrate.
6. Lay aside time for self-development in new business & technical skills, in knowledge and in personal growth.
7. Preserve your career integrity by managing your personal finances and maintaining a financial reserve which would allow you to resign from an unsatisfactory job and survive for six months.
8. Guard your employability by remaining fit and looking your best. We need energy and a sense of well-being to remain on top of our careers.
9. Engage with another compelling interest outside your career. Develop a passion for something which will stimulate your mind and your senses and allow you to return to your working day, refreshed and renewed.
10. Hold on to your personal values. Stand by your moral code, spiritual life or views on humanity. Preserve your self-respect and respect for others.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and to achieve all of these is challenging - start to think who can help you.