April and May Workshops 2019 >>>> Best Practice in CV Writing. Wednesday, 3rd April 10.00-1.00pm >>> Networking and Self Promotion. Thursday 25th April 10.00-4.00pm >>> Job Search Techniques. Wednesday, 1st May 10.00-1.00pm >>> Starting Your Own Business. Thursday 2nd May 10.00-4.00pm >>> Interview Skills and Techniques. Wednesday 8th May 10.00-1.00pm >>> Consultancy Skills. Thursday 16th May 10.00am-4.00pm >>> Using LinkedIn for Effective Job Searching. Monday, 20th May 1.00-5.00pm >>>

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Coaching is an activity which sets out to increase performance, encourage development and deliver fulfilment. Our coaches aim to maximise individuals’ performance, beyond what they thought was possible, and achieve measurable results in line with agreed business needs.

Our experience is that organisations come to us with a variety of training and development needs including:

  • High performance coaching designed for managers and executives with the potential to deliver more.
  • Remedial coaching to address a short fall in performance and to handle problem solving & issue resolution.
  • Onboard coaching to enable senior executives, either taking on a new role or joining a new organisation, to be effective, deliver results and make a swift impact.

Coaching can be applied in many directions:

  • Direction including vision, mission, strategy, planning and leadership.
  • Performance including objectives, management, roles, procedures, behaviour and results.
  • Change including, drive, motivation, support, challenge and resilience.
  • Relationships including communication, impact, openness, understanding and trust.
  • Learning and Development including capability, skills, confidence and fulfilment.

Why organisations choose us:

  • Our structured approach is founded on clearly defined steps, with agreed milestones and aims. The outcomes are aligned to the business objectives.
  • Our coaches have completed an intensive training programme and are accredited.
  • We agree the terms of agreement, parameters of the coaching relationship and expectations. Within the bounds of confidentiality, we provide reports and feedback throughout the programme.