September and October Workshops 2019 >>>> Best Practice in CV Writing. Wednesday, 5th September 10.00-1.00pm >>> Networking and Self Promotion. Tuesday, 17th September 10.00-4.00pm >>> Job Search Techniques. Wednesday, 18th September 10.00-1.00pm >>> Starting Your Own Business. Thursday 19th September 10.00-4.00pm >>> Interview Skills and Techniques. Wednesday 25th September 10.00-1.00pm >>> Consultancy Skills. Thursday 3rd October 10.00am-4.00pm >>> Using LinkedIn for Effective Job Searching. Monday, 7th October 1.00-5.00pm >>>

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Outplacement programmes answer the needs of those whose jobs are no longer required, have reached a crossroads or who are in career transition.

We work with people who have reached that crossroad and who see this as an opportunity to refresh and reset their career. Our programmes can include:

  • Career assessment, analysing Strengths, Needs, Values and the Market Place.
  • Determining the Career Objective and the tactical moves to reach it.
  • Preparing the Job Search Plan.
  • Conducting the Job Search Campaign to a successful conclusion.

Our services cover:

  • One:One programmes.
  • Group Programmes.
  • Advisory Centres.
  • Delivering Difficult Message Training.

Why organisations choose us:

  • A methodology which is intelligent, logical and which produces an outcome.
  • Whatever the programme, it remains open and we stay in contact until people secure their next position.
  • Our career consultants have extensive track records helping people to choose career objectives and partnering with them to make it happen.
  • A case-management approach which matches the right consultant to each individual client. In contrast to some other firms, we empower our consultants to work autonomously with that client throughout the full lifecycle of their programme.
  • A range of workshops, online programmes and research facilities to meet any need.
  • Our advanced reporting systems track all activity to ensure that we and the organisation are able to monitor performance against agreed objectives.