Virtual Workshops in April and May 2021 >>>> Best Practice in CV Writing. Tuesday 20th April 10.00-12.30pm >>> Starting Your Own Business. Tuesday 27th April 10.00-3.00pm >>> Job Search Techniques. Wednesday, 28th April 10.00-12.30pm >>> Networking and Self Promotion. Wednesday 5th May 10.00-4.00pm >>> Interview Skills. Wednesday 12th May 10.00-12.30pm >>> Working as a Freelancer. Wednesday 18th May 10.00-3.00pm >>> LinkedIn for Effective Job Searching. Monday 24th May 10.00-12.30pm >>>

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Career Management programmes are effective tools in assisting managers retain key staff. Employees work through exercises, aided by discussion, to help them gain insights into their strengths, needs, values and knowledge. Equipped with fresh career objectives, they develop action plans for the future. Contrary to expectation, people who know their value, understand the wider marketplace and have agreed a career plan with their employer will, more than likely, be the most loyal members of the team.

Our services include:

  • Career Management Strategy.
  • Individual Career Management Programmes.
  • Group Career Management Programmes.
  • Team Development.
  • Employee Review Processes.
  • Development Centres.
  • Guidance for Line Managers.

Why organisations choose us:

  • Significant investment in online tools and processes which are accessible and cost effective.
  • Large team of professional career consultants and trainers, experienced at working both on a 1:1 and group basis.
  • Flexible approach, where our programmes can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the organisation and individual.
  • Comprehensive offering of methods and tools to meet the needs of all clients. Whether organisations need a one-off individual career management programme or a large-scale workshop for executive development, we can provide the solution.